Documentation to support L8MS BRS

BRS – Service visits (BRS Mobile)

L8MS BRS jobs list displays selection of planned tasks filtered between from and to dates. Tasks can be sub-filtered by site groups, sites, task names or responsibility codes for scheduling to a specific service visit, allocated to a specific individual or individuals on a defined day.

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BRS – Adding PPMs

In L8MS PPMs are both essential, as they apply tests to an asset at defined frequencies and therefore are the basis of service visits, and vague in that a PPM name is simply a user recognisable description of a service routine we want to be completed. Tests can be added to or removed from any given PPM at a site level to meet the needs of that site (while retaining their original name/description).

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BRS -Standard Text

In L8MS results entry pages and nonconformity pages can utilise standard text for comments and actions. The standard text available can be extended by service providers/administrators as required.

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