Running KPI Reports

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KPI Report Generator

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) page allows users to quickly see the number of tests that fall into a number of categories.

Filtering the KPI information

L8MS BRS defines a set of standard status levels for tracking tests that may not have gone to plan ( access, not required, failed limits).
NOTE - L8MS master status catergories can't be altered but companies/service providers can add new nonconformity status groups.

  1. From the main left sidebar menu select TOOLS~AE REPORTS~KPI REPORT.
  2. Click the Start Date button and select the report start date.
  3. TClick the End Date button and select the report end date.
  4. From the drop-down select the service provider (Typically only one is available).
  5. The report can then be filtered by site group, a specific site, and specific responsibility name using the dropdowns if required.
  6. The KPI information should then be run using the Run button which will then display the number of tests in each catergory.
  7. Click the Print button to the right of each row to generate a detailed excel spreadsheet containing the tests that make up that KPI.
NOTE - Category details.
  • Nonconformity tests - Tests that have failed control limits.
  • Missed Tests - Tests that have no data and are pst their allowed target date.
  • Tests started not complete - Tasks that have incomplete tests.
  • No Access - A specific indicator for access issues.
  • Test entered out of date - Test that have results but were entered after the target date.
  • Test no longer needed - Test where the technician believes the test is no longer needed (item removed).
  • Signed off - The above catergories repeat but are recorded here if the status has been changed so the event is now closed.
  • Risk Level- Default risk on failure (1 very low to 4 very high).
  • Completed test - Tests that were completed within date and that passed control limits.