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Adding nonconformity status options

Service provider admins can make additional nonconformity status options available to all of their users.

Types of Nonconformity status

In L8MS a Nonconformity status can be: -
  • Authorising - For situations where corrective actions are complete and the issue can be signed off.
  • Non-Authorising - For situations where the nonconformity is no longer outstanding (no action) but is not resolved (e..g "Applied for finnace").
  • NOTE - Authorising nonconformity status will turn items on the 52 week planner to green.
    1. From the main left sidebar menu select ADMINISTRATION~STANDARDS~NONCON STATUS.
    2. Click the add status button to open the Status To Add window.
    3. The new nonconformity status can be added (for space reasons on reports this is limited to 30 characters). If the nonconformity status should sign off the event add a tick to the Authorising Status box, empty, the status will change but not authorise the event.
    4. Click save button to update the status list of nonconformaties.