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Graph generator

The Graphs page allows users to quickly select a number of tests and generate a graphical report of the results entered.

Filtering graph information

NOTE - L8MS graphs will record blank temperature readings as zero results.
  1. From within an open site (left sidebar menu) select GRAPHS.
  2. From the drop down option select Line or Bar graph types.
  3. Click the Start Date button and select the graph start date.
  4. Click the End Date button and select the graph end date.
  5. L8MS will list assets with scheduled numeric tasks. The list can be filtered by task, asset, and specific test name using the column headings as required. Select the required tests by clicking on them ( a select all/None is provided).
  6. The graph should then be generated using the Generate Graph button which will then display the selected tests.
  7. Click the Print button to download a picture (png) of the graph.