Service visits (BRS Mobile)

Scheduling tests for the L8MS BRS Mobile app

In L8MS BRS the intended monitoring and inspection tasks are planned on a site 52-week planner. If these tests are to be completed by an individual using our L8MS BRS Mobile app then the tasks must be scheduled and allocated to that individual. There are various scheduling tools to aid administrators in task scheduling including a calendar and a timeline view, these are typically populated using the jobs list tool.

Allocating tasks using the jobs list

L8MS BRS jobs list displays selection of planned tasks filtered between from and to dates. Tasks can be sub-filtered by site groups, sites, task names or responsibility codes for scheduling to a specific service visit, allocated to a specific individual or individuals on a defined day.
NOTE - Service visits can't be scheduled until the site planner has been run. (See Run site planner to the left).

NOTE - Individuals that are going to use the mobile app must be registered in L8MS BRS and have been authorised to use the mobile app. (See User settings to the left).
  1. From the main left sidebar menu select ADMINISTRATION~WORKS SCHEDULE~JOB LIST.
  2. Click the and buttons to select the date range to display unallocated planned tasks due in the defined range.
  3. Each column has a text sensitive filter allowing you to cut down the list in many ways. For example, filter the Site Name and Responsibility columns to obtain a list of tasks due on that site and for which your company is responsible.
  4. A tick should be entered into the tasks you want to allocate by clicking on the appropriate row. Tasks for the same site but different days will be added to a common service visit (e.g. weekly flushing from two different weeks would be combined, typically not wanted). Tasks from different sites will each get their own service visit but will share the same start and finish times (These can be adjusted later on the timeline if required).
  5. Once the required tasks have been selected click the Selected Tasks button to open the service visit allocation window.
  6. The service visit window should be completed (see options below).
  7. Under the Create tab (provided an engineer has been selected to complete the tasks) there will be a summary of the number of tasks to be allocated and a Save Service Visit button this will update the calendar and timeline with the service visit and it will be available for the engineer/user to download.
NOTE - Service visit details.
  • Visit Type - A friendly description indicating the purpose of the visit.
  • Start - The scheduled visit start time.
  • Finish - The estimated time to complete the visit.
  • Instructions - Any information from the office to help the service visit (e.g. 3m ladder required).
  • Engineers - Select the user/Engineer the works are to be completed by (Mutiple engineers can be selected if required).
  • Create - Service visit can only be allocated when an engineer has been selected.