Editing a User

Users need to be allocated to sites by administrators

Each individual who interacts with L8MS BRS will need to have a software role and also added to the sites they are connected with (site role). A user without any allocations will have an empty site list.

Editing Users Software Roles

In L8MS users are described in two ways, Software Roles & Site Roles. Software roles are used to control the type of access each user has within the BRS system, where site roles are used to define a users relationship/responsibilities with each site they are connected with.
  1. Click sidebar menu ADMINISTRATION/USERS LIST
  2. Click the options list button to display the available options.
  3. Choose the "Change Role" option to change a users role
  • Administrator - Able to add sites and users, customise sites and schedule works for the mobile app.
  • Mobile App User - Set up to work with BRS Manage Mobile only, entering test results for defined sites.
  • User - The standard level for entering and viewing results and nonconformities.
  • Managed User - Matches a User, but where service providers send works out for site..
  • Service Provider Technician - Mobile App use and interaction with results entry and works scheduling.

Editing Users Asigned Responsibility & Site roles

  1. Select the sidebar menu ADMINISTRATION/USERS LIST
  2. Click the options list button to display the available options.
  3. Choose the "Restrictions" option to attach the user to the required sites (Available sites can be filtered)
  4. The "Restrictions" option also allows setting the users Site Role.
  • Site Admin - Able to add and customise site locations, assets and task plans.
  • Site Operator - Typically set up for site staff with responsibilities to work with BRS & enter test results for a site.
  • Site User - Primarily for results entry and viewing, 52 week plans, folder access and nonconformity control.
  • Responsible person - As defined by ACoP L8.
  • Clear - To allow individuals to be removed from the defined sites.

Editing Users - Assigned Responsibility

In L8MS task that need completing belong to responsibility groups these are typically company names or initials within L8MS BRS who are responsible for completing specific PPMs. A user can be default assigned to a responsibility group (company) to make it easy to schedule visits and allocate those visits/tasks that require completion by a company to the individual.
  1. Filter the site list as required (by company, group, site name) and press
  2. Select the applicable Assigned Responsibility group from the list
  3. Select the applicable site role from the list
  4. Click on the target sites in the list to toggle greem (a select all/none toggle is provided)
  5. Update the user settings based on the selected site list by pressing the save/update button