Calendar (Service visits)

Scheduling tests for the L8MS BRS Mobile app

In L8MS BRS the intended monitoring and inspection tasks are planned on a site 52-week planner. If these tests are to be completed by an individual using our L8MS BRS Mobile app then the tasks must be scheduled and allocated to that individual. There are various scheduling tools to aid administrators in task scheduling including a calendar and a timeline view, the calendar is typically populated using the Jobs List tool.

Viewing allocated tasks using the Calendar

L8MS BRS calendar can be used to display a selection of allocated tasks by Month, Week, Day or as a list. The calendar can be sub-filtered to show service visits by user type (e.g. service engineers) or an individual user.
NOTE - Trying to view the scheduled service visits of a large number of engineers in monthly view tends to be visually less clear than using the timeline view. (See Timeline service visits to the left).

  1. From the main left sidebar menu select ADMINISTRATION~WORKS SCHEDULE~CALENDAR.
  2. Click the alter filter button to open the Filter Timeline window. Select the type of user from the list and if required add part of a specific users name to the Filter Name box to display allocated service visits for that user, user type. Click the close button and then click the Reload button.
  3. The Calendar offers Month, Week, Day and list options.
  4. The dates can be moved fowards and backwards by clicking the or the buttons.
  5. The service visits can be clicked on to open additional information in a window.
  6. NOTE - Although Service visits can be created as detailed in the next step the preferred route is likely to be via the Jobs List tool. (See Job Lists task allocation to the left).
  7. New service visits can be created directly from the calendar by clicking on the required day. Set up the visit type and the site to apply the service visit to and click the save button this will update the calendar and launch the service vist window where tasks and engineers can be added.
NOTE - Service visit details.
  • Orange - Past scheduled date with no upload.
  • Uploaded - The scheduled visit has returned from the mobile device.
  • Downloaded - The scheduled visit has been downloaded to the mobile device.
  • Scheduled - The service vist has been programmed with tasks and an engineer/user to complete.

  • Visit Type - A friendly description indicating the purpose of the visit.
  • Start - The scheduled visit start time.
  • Finish - The estimated time to complete the visit.