Standard Text Dropdowns

Adding new dropdown lists of standard text.

Service providers/administrators can add several lists of standard text which aids, for example, fast and standardised corrective actions in nonconformity comments.

Standard text dropdown lists

In L8MS results entry pages and nonconformity pages can utilise standard text for comments and actions. The standard text available can be extended by service providers/administrators as required.
  1. From the main left sidebar menu select ADMINISTRATION~STANDARDS~STANDARD TEXTS.
  2. From the top dropdown menu choose the text type to be added to from the drop down.
  3. Click the add button to open the Add New Text window.
  4. The text can be added to a specific company (typically to the company you are signed in under) or made specific to the current user using the grey toggle buttons (Company is preferable).
  5. The new text requires an order number and a short name that makes it easy to select the text (indicate the standard text purpose for example "No access room in use". The full required text should then be added to the Text box (e.g. "At the time of our visit the room was in use and we could not gain access"
  6. Click the add button to add the new text.
  7. Click the edit button to open and alter existing standard text.
  8. Click the delete button to remove the standard text altogether.