Standard (Master) Site Folder List

Creating a Master list of folders to apply to a site.

Service providers/administrators can add a list of standard folders, this aids the fast setup, and standardisation between, of sites.

Site Folder lists

In L8MS site folders can be used for sharing documents between the service provider and client. L8MS offer a default folder list for rapid initial set up of the site. Service providers can create there own Standard (Master) folder list (Standard site folder profile).

NOTE - This guide is for individual Site folders and not group folders.
  1. From the main left sidebar menu select ADMINISTRATION~STANDARDS~FOLDERS.
  2. Click the add folder profile button to open the Add Folder Profile window.
  3. The profile can be added to a specific company (typically to the company you are signed in under).
  4. The new profile name should indicate the standard purpose for example "CompanyName standard folders".
  5. Click add button to add the new profile.
  6. Click the customise option in the alter button to open the new profile.
  7. Click the add new folder button to open Add New Folder window.
  8. Click the add button to add the new folder.