Site Nonconformities

Fail safe control of corrective actions

Tests that are validated automatically generate Nonconformities on result entry if the control limit is exceeded. Each Nonconformity should be closed out with notes on corrective actions or comments on decisions made.

Types of Nonconformity

In L8MS Nonconformities are segregated into a number of sub-groups these are: -
  • Missed test - For tests that remain incomplete beyond their target date.
  • Data entered in arrears - For tests past there target date before results were entered.
  • Nonconformities - For tests that have failed control limits.
  • No access - A rapid answer offered where test entry has not been possible.
  • Not required - A rapid answer where the asset should be altered to match the physical location.
  • NOTE - This help page covers working with Nonconformities on a single site. If Nonconformities are to be handled for groups of sites at the same time please see Site Group Nonconformities to the left.
    1. From within a site select the left sidebar menu NONCONFORMITIES amd choose the initial selection type from the above sub-groups to open the Non-Conformity list window for that site.
    2. NOTE - As the list of Nonconformities to be handled can be large and therefore slow to load the filter is set to the last 30 days of outstanding items when it loads. Steps 2 needs to be applied before the nonconformity list will display the full user required issues.
    3. In order to display nonconformities 1st click the filter list button and set, at least, the required date range, confirming with the apply button.
    4. To update the status of a nonconformity click on the row (which will change to green & can be toggled on/off), multiple selections are possibe or all items can be selected by clicking the select all button or unselected using the select none button.
    5. Click the edit selected rows button to open the Nonconformity update window.
    6. The nonconformity can be set to a new status (Outstanding - No actions, In-Progress, Completed - Signed off). Nonconformity status types can be set by the service provider (See standard nonconformity status options to the left), some sign off the event and some simply move them to a new status (Green - Authorised, Black - New/Changed status but not authorised).
    7. Nonconformaties need to owned by a user within the L8MS BRS system.
    8. Nonconformaties can be assigned to a person/company not within the L8MS BRS system.
    9. Nonconformaties can have an optional job number added for tracking corrective action.
    10. Nonconformaties should have an action taken comment or a note comment to explain what has been undertaken to allow the nonconformity to be sighned off. There are standard text options available in drop down lists (See standard texts to the left).
    11. Click save to apply the comments to the selected nonconformaties.