Importing Sites from L8MS Risk

The fastest way to add a sites locations, assets and apply PPMs.

Each asset for monitoring (an item of equipment e.g. WHB) needs to be connected to a physical location (e.g. 2nd Floor Gents Toilet - 2L36) and planned preventative maintenance (PPM) tasks must then be applied to each asset. The L8MS Risk import function collects the client and site details, plant surveys and asset register from the risk assessment and applies pre-determined service tasks (PPMs).

Importing whole sites

In order to speed up setting up a site, L8MS locations can be imported directly from L8MS Risk using stored user credentials for (L8MS risk).

NOTE - Importing sites from L8MS risk uses an import profile to customise the site. L8MS setup profiles are available but these should be copied and adjusted to meet the service providers standard requirements.
  1. Select USER SETTINGS/RA LOGIN DETAILS from the left main menu (outside of a site).
  2. Enter a valid L8MS Risk user name and password and click the Login button.
  3. Select ADMINISTRATION/RETRIEVE RA from the left main menu.
  4. Add assessment company, client, site, year and assessment type filters and click the filter button .
  5. Click the check button to add each assessment for import. Then click the transfer assessment button to open the transfer assessment window.
  6. Define the start date for the 52 week planner (this will set up the first PPMs from this date).
  7. If required define the agreement end date (defaults to 2 years).
  8. Select the required import profile (See related links to the left).
  9. Click on the assessments tab.
  10. Click the transfer button .
NOTE - Where multiple assessments are selected, the progress is indicated including any failed transfers (These can occur if the assessment contains an unexpected character or asset error).