Using Import Profiles

Profiles are used to automatically add PPMs to Assets

Each asset (an item of equipment e.g. WHB) as well as being linked to a physical location is typically also linked to a task (e.g. planned preventative maintenance task (PPM) for temperature monitoring). When adding an asset 'import profiles' can be used adding company defined PPMs to each asset added (e.g. "WHB Sentinel" - Sets up a monthly temperature monitoring PPM, "Shower" - Sets up a quarterly shower cleaning PPM).

Creating/Editing Profiles (For faster site set up)

L8MS offer pre-defined profiles for use/copying/editing.
  1. From the main menu (not in a site) select Administration/Standards/Import Profiles from the left menu.
  2. Click to the right of the profile button.
  3. L8MS starter profiles will offer a button, you can't edit L8MS profiles
  4. Copy the L8MS profile, adding a new profile name and click
  5. Select the new profile, Click . to display an edit option (change profile name) and Customise option (edit application of PPMs to assets).
  6. Pre-set PPMs can be activated from the asset register of L8MS risk assessments (water outlets) or by plant/equipment survey types from L8MS Risk.
  7. Column two holds key words checked against the asset description/survey type (these are important as the key words initiate the use of the set PPM (e.g. "Sentinel" in the asset description will drive temperature monitoring to monthly for that asset).
  8. The third column informs you of the number of tests that may be run for that asset/key word (e.g. 5 for "WHB", however the import process further looks for water system IDs with MCWS or MWS, CWDS or CWS and HWS to determine what outlet temperatures are required for that asset).
  9. Exceptions can also be added e.g. in the above example if "TMV" is also found in the description this will override the normal tests for that asset (To replace cold water outlet with cold feed to TMV for example).
  10. To add a new rule/asset the asset must 1st be added into the system Administration/Standards/Assets.
  11. Click the "list" button to the right of the keyword/asset and choose Edit Details to alter the standard tests applied.
  12. Click the "Add" button to the right of the test names section to add all or part of a PPM to the standard build for that asset.
  13. Click the "Save" button top right to add the asset.
NOTE - There are two much quicker ways to add larger numbers of assets & locations. See the related links Import locations/assets from Excel spreadsheet and Import locations/assets from L8MS Risk.