The Dashboard

Home page/Dashboard

Each BRS user has a Dashboard (Home page), to open sites for which access has been given and subject to user settings access Administration, Multi-site non-conformities, global/shared folders and specific user details. The area under the site list button can be personalised by adding KPI graphs (Widgets).


In the L8MS Dashboard each user can have a customised set of Widgets (e.g. summary information graphs) that give a quick visual summary of progress summarised by a user-defined scope. (See adding Widgets).

  1. The sidebar menu varies according to the users defined authorisation level.
  2. Select the Sites option from the left menu or click the Site List button to display all available sites.
  3. Select the Non-Conformities left menu option to access non-conformities for all sites allocated to the user.
  4. Select the Folder left menu option for access to shared folders. These folders can be global (every user) or site group (Multi-sites belonging to one client).
  5. Select the User Settings left menu for access to user dashboard settings, profile, L8MS Risk login details and changing your password.