Adding Assets

Assets (e.g. WHB) are allocated to physical locations

Each asset (an item of equipment e.g. WHB) as well as being linked to a physical location is typically also linked to a task (e.g. planned preventative maintenance task (PPM) for temperature monitoring). When adding an asset 'import profiles' are used, Company defined PPMs that run for each asset added (e.g. "WHB Sentinel" - Sets up a monthly temperature monitoring PPM, "Shower" - Sets up a quarterly shower cleaning PPM).

Adding Assets (Individually)

In L8MS assets are allocated to previously defined locations.
  1. From within a site select Edit Site/Locations from the left menu.
  2. Click to the right of the location and select view Assets.
  3. Click to the right of the Assets header list.
  4. The asset can be linked to up to 2 water systems, Click . to display a list of available water systems.
  5. Select the Import settings profile, Click . to display a list of available profiles (More on Profiles - see related links to the left).
  6. Add an asset ID if required (This is typically number).
  7. Add an asset description (these are important as key words drive the setting up of PPM, more on keywords in Profiles - see related links to the left).
  8. Add an Amount of assets (e.g. 3 if there are 3 WHB in the location).
  9. Add an Order Number (e.g. 2 to display the asset 2nd in the location list).
  10. Add an asset Bar Code if required.
  11. Tick the little used outlet if required (This will initiate weekly flushing of the asset).
  12. Access allowance (This is currently not used).
  13. Click the "Save" button top right to add the asset.
NOTE - There are two much quicker ways to add larger numbers of assets & locations. See the related links Import locations/assets from Excel spreadsheet and Import locations/assets from L8MS Risk.