Setting up the 52 week planner (Tasks)​

Tasks (e.g. PPM combined with assets) need to be allocated

Each task (asset and PPM) needs to be allocated to a responsibility code (typically connected to the organisation responsible for conducting the task) and have a start and end date.

Adding Responsibility codes & Start dates

In L8MS tasks are allocated to responsibility codes. If no code has been issued there may be issues scheduling the tasks for example sending to our mobile app.
  1. From within a site select Customise Site/Tasks from the left menu.
  2. Click to the right and select the toggle option. This allows individual row selection. (If all rows are to be adjusted click the select all option at the top of the list.
  3. Click at the top of the list and select the Responsibilities option.
  4. The change task responsibility window allows the selection of existing responsibility codes or the addition of a new one. Click the change button to apply to the selected list.
  5. The same process can be used to toggle tasks and set the start and end date for tasks.
  6. For example your agreement may start in October but showerhead cleaning commences in December, this is the start date for shower cleans
  7. NOTE - Where tasks are being planned for the month of December the planned date is often set to 15th December, allowing 15 days of the task being due and 15 days before the task becomes overdue/missed.
  8. Click the options button and select the edit option to access and alter the start/finish dates, frequency/interval, allowed days, default risk and days before/after (Due/overdue), individually for each task.
  9. Click the options button and select the details option to access and alter the month and year filters.
  10. When changes have been made to task start dates or frequencies the Run Site Planner option should be selected (left menu).
NOTE - The month filter is particularly important for tasks like outlet temperatures where a "0" makes the outlet (i.e. runs every frequency) where a 3 would result in that task asset only running in March.