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Training Printing Certificates

NOTE - This guidance does not apply to assessments for Qualifications with external certificates e.g. HABC). These are sent from the awarding body (Typically taking some weeks)

L8MS online training courses can be made up of a number of training units. Units are made up of modules and each module has training videos and a quiz. To complete a training course you must open the course, open a unit, open and complete each module and quiz in that Module.

Printing L8MS Training certificates
  1. Click on the Course Open button to see the course units.
  2. Click on the Print certificates button to print course certificates.
  3. Click on the Print course information button to produce a course content document.
NOTE - L8MS Certificates include your profile picture. The profile picture needs to be added to print training course certificates (This does not apply to Qualification assessments with external certificates e.g. HABC).