Adding Locations

Assets (e.g. WHB) are allocated to physical locations

Each asset (an item of equipment e.g. WHB) needs to be connected to a physical location (e.g. 2nd Floor Gents Toilet - 2L36). planned preventative maintenance (PPM) tasks are then applied to each asset. The location allows easy grouping of PPMs with the specific assets present in a geographical location during a service task.

Adding locations

In L8MS locations are described by an order number, floor level, and a description of the physical location/room.
  1. From within a site select Edit Site/Locations from the left menu.
  2. Click .
  3. Enter an order number, this controls list display order and keeps locations grouped near other logical rooms.
  4. Enter a floor level
  5. Add a location (This is typically the name of a location as allocated by the site, larger buildings may have room codes).
  6. Click the "Add" button .
NOTE - There are two much quicker ways to add larger numbers of locations. See the related links Import locations/assets from Excel spreadsheet and Import locations/assets from L8MS Risk.