Risk Assessment - Getting Started

Logging in
Logging in to L8MS Risk Assessment

In your browser address bar navigate to https://ras.l8ms.com/
Enter your user name (Typically your email address)
Enter your password

Security Information
Security question – First log in

On the home page a “Security Information alert is displayed
The answer to a security question is used to reset your password.
Select a security question
Enter your answer (Case sensitive, known only to you, please remember)
Enter the email address to send any password reset code to (Required as the user name may not be a validated email address)
Click the save icon
The home page will no longer display the security alert.

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Changing Password
Change password

From the home page click User Information (left sidebar)
Enter your existing password
Enter a new password
A green line under the password indicates it is suitable
Re-enter the password this needs to match for the save icon to show
Save the changes

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