Add User
Add a new user

From the home page click Users (left sidebar)
Click Add user button (Top right)
Select the company to add the user to, typically only one
Add a user name, email address
The contact email address can be left blank
Enter a password, first and last name
Select the User type
- Administration (All functions)
- Assessor Plus (Can add new assessments)
- Assessor (Can complete issued assessments)
- Client (Can view and print assessments only)

Set user restrictions

By default administrators have access to all assessments
From the home page click Users (left sidebar)
Click edit restrictions button for the required user (Light blue at the end of each user)
Restriction options
- See specific sites (Click site tab, select the client, add a tick to the site)
- See specific clients (Click the client tab, add a tick to the required clients)
- See Own checkbox (User has access to assessments created by them only)
- See All checkbox (User sees all risk assessments)
To retract see all assessments, select the required client or site checkbox (see all will auto clear)
To retract See own assessments, select the see all assessments checkbox

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