Opening Sites

1) Select the left sidebar menu SITES to display you list of available sites.
2) Add text (or part text) to the Group or Site Name column filter if required to quickly search for a specific site.
3) Click the green binoculars to the left of the required site name to open that site.

L8MS BRS - Open Sites
52 Week Planner
52 Week Planner

1) Each scheduled site in L8MS BRS has a 52-week task planner. This reflects the programme of works.
2) Colour coding identifies future tasks (Grey), tasks currently due (Yellow), tasks completed without issue (light green), tasks completed with issues (Red), signed off issues (Dark green) and missed tasks (Orange).
3) Hover over a task to see the scheduled date and responsibility code.
4) The planner allows direct opening of the task by clicking the required week and task.

L8MS BRS - Planner
Results Entry
Simple result entry

1) Where tasks have been completed the results can be shown by clicking the required week and task, test entry is 'greyed out' to prevent over-writing.
2) Tasks that have not been completed can be entered by clicking the required week and task.
3) The test entry screen saves automatically.
4) The edit button can be used to indicate who completed the test.
5) The actual test date can be adjusted.
6) Click the ‘Return to schedule' button to go back to the planner.

Tests can also be downloaded to a spreadsheet (and uploaded once completed).

NOTE: Test can be sent to a mobile device for completion in our L8MS BRS Mobile app (iphone and Android), typically where there are several tasks

L8MS BRS - Results
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