System ID

Assets can be allocated to water systems

Each asset should be connected to a water system (e.g. 301 – Hot water services, East end) this is useful if for example the water heater is off-line for system 301 resulting in all hot water outlets fed by that system falling below target operating temperature.

Adding system identifications (System IDs)

In L8MS water systems are described by a system number, System Ref, System type, Location of main plant and a description of the system served.
  1. Click .
  2. Add a system number (We see 101 used for Mains, 201 CWDS, 301 HWS but this is just a suggestion).
  3. Add a system reference offers a predefined list.
  4. Add a system type offers a predefined list.
  5. Add a location (This is typically the location of any central item of plant e.g. Basement boiler room if this is where the calorifier is that serves system 301 HWS).
  6. Add a description of the areas this system feeds (Hot water services in the west wing).
  7. Click Save .
  8. Click Systems at the top of the page to return to the list of systems.