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Site folders can be set up by administrators and users

Each property/individual building added to L8MS BRS can have site folders for sharing documents and files.

Standard folders

In L8MS company administrators are able to set up a list of standard folders that can be applied to a site alternatively, folders can be added individually as required. L8MS BRS also offers centralised company folders and site group folders to allow file sharing across a site group or across all sites under the service providers account (See related links to the left).

NOTE - File types are limited to PDF, Excel, Word and image files.
  1. From within a site select the left sidebar menu FOLDERS to display a list of current folders for that site.
  2. If no folders are present click the add standard folders button.
  3. Select the requied folder template from the drop down list and click the Add folders button to add the standard folders.
  4. Click the add new folder button to add a folder to the current selected folder.
  5. Click the add new file button to add a file to the current selected folder. Browse to the location of the file and click the upload button .
  6. The edit folder button allows the folder name to be adjusted.
  7. The delete folder button removes the folder from the site.
NOTE - Files within deleted folders will also be deleted, with no undo option. Please use with care.