Opening/Editing a Site

Sites are set up by company administrators

Each property/individual building is added to L8MS BRS with a program of works, site folders for documents and non-conformity tracking. Users are then given access to the site as applicable.

Site Lists

In L8MS Sites can be added and linked to Site Groups if required (e.g. to form a relationship between sites that are controlled by or belong to the same company).
  1. Select the left sidebar menu SITES or Click the Site List button to display a list of all sites.
  2. Add text (or part text) to Company, Group or site name filter column headers if required to quickly search and filter the site list.
  3. Click the open button to the left of the required site name in order to open that site.
  4. Click the customise button to edit or customise the required site.
  5. Edit allows the site name, address and site group to be adjusted.
  6. Customise opens the site in the edit site menu (starting with system IDs (See adding system IDs).
NOTE - Delete site button is typically used for unused sites. The process can't be reversed. If results have been entered but the site is no longer required it should be retired (not deleted).