Log in to L8MS BRS

1) In your browser address bar navigate to (Save to favourites if you wish)
2) Enter your user name (Typically your email address)
3) Enter your password (Typically an email sent from
Security question – First log in
4) If this is the first time you have logged in a new user setup form is displayed
5) Enter the password emailed (current password)
6) Enter a new strong password (L8MS can’t tell you your password so please remember this)
7) Re-enter the new strong password (if they match you can continue).
8) Click next
9) Select a security question
10) Enter your answer (Case sensitive, known only to you, please remember)
11) The answer to the security question is used should you need to reset your password. (L8MS can’t tell you your security answer so please remember this).
12) Click next
13) Enter your first name & Surname
14) Click finish

15) You will be taken to your desktop
16) Sites you have access to are listed under sites menu

17) To log out click the button on the top right or close the browser.