Adding a User

New users can be set up by administrators

Each individual who interacts with L8MS BRS should be added as a user. This includes operatives using mobiles to send in results, staff controlling schedules and clients/responsible persons looking at results and non-conformities.

Adding Users / User Roles

In L8MS users are described in two ways, Software Roles & Site Roles. Software roles are used to control the type of access each user has within the BRS system, where site roles are used to define a users relationship/responsibilities with each site they are connected with.
  1. Select the sidebar menu ADMINISTRATION/USERS LIST
  2. Click the add button to display a pop up window.
  3. Add an email address which will be the user name. Please note that an email will be sent to the users email address to complete the setup process so the email must be valid/live
  4. Attach the user to the required company/service provider.
  5. Define the new users Software Role (see below).
  6. Click the Add button.
  7. An email will be sent to the new user with a software link, the user name (email address)and password. On first login, the system will collect the new user's other required details.
  8. The new user must then be edited to connect them to the required site by an administrator. (See editing a user to the left).
  • Administrator - Able to add sites and users, customise sites and schedule works for the mobile app.
  • Service Provider Technician - Mobile App use and interaction with results entry and works scheduling.
  • Mobile App User - Set up to work with BRS Manage Mobile only, entering test results for defined sites.
  • User - The standard level for entering and viewing results and nonconformities.
  • User (Managed) - Matches a User, but where service providers send works out for site.